Video Leads Machine Review

Video Leads Machine Review – Find Deluxe $32K BONUS PACKS NOW! Video Leads Machine Bonus

No matter what type of business you’re in, no matter what type of product you’re selling, you’re going to get more quality leads, and close more sales if you show as an AUTHORITY in your niche.

It’s true across the board and becoming more important than ever in today’s World, where first impressions of virtually every business are made ONLINE!

The buzz is growing about Video Leads Machine, a brand-new approach to using AUTHORITY to attract high quality leads, dying to invest in what you (or any business) has to offer…

Todd Gross, Video Marketing Expert, and David Sprague from Strategic Marketing have joined forces to develop a system that combines a “unique” type of VIDEO with a proven formula to help ANY business create INSTANT authority that can be used to generate leads and convert those leads into paying customers.

So they developed a formula, that anyone can follow to immediately assert themselves as an authority using these special videos. And they take it a step further by including software that automates this “unique” way of using video to establish authority in any niche, and convert leads into paying clients!

5 Modules + VideoLeadsMachine Software

  • Module 1 – Quickstart To Your Success In 12 Minutes: How To Become An Instant Expert
  • Module 2 – The Expert Authority Formula
  • Module 3 – How to Market Your Expertise
  • Module 4 – Instant Customers: Converting Your Leads into Paying Clients
  • Module 5 – Authority Vids Automation
  • AuthorityVids software – Push button video creation software makes anyone look like an Authority in their desired niche (Create 5 videos).

No stone goes left unturned with this amazing new system that EVERY business can benefit from having!

Video Leads Machine’s built-in library of actors and actresses for your live human avatars spares you having to find and hire them yourself – thus saving insane amounts of time and money. Want to be your own avatar or hire your own actor/actress? NO problem, you still can with Video Leads Machine!

Video Leads Machine has an existing library of ready-made scripts for most standard functions like getting subscribers, offering discounts/incentives and more! So there’s no need to hire copywriters for your scripts for most standard marketing objectives, unless you want to.

Have your own video or voice-over track that you want to use instead of text-to-speech? Simply upload it to Video Leads Machine and it will create your avatar for you! You can even record your voice-overs directly with Video Leads Machine on the fly!

Video Leads Machine’s easy interface requires no technical experience or special skills. Just copy and paste the code snippet generated by the app into your website and you’re done. No need to hire expensive programmers or developers, EVER.

Video Leads Machine’s lightning-fast/high-performance cloud hosting on Google’s award-winning network eliminates the need for expensive video hosting. It’s included for one low price!

You can also add your own videos with any green screen or “solid background” and convert them to stunning Video Leads Machine’s with invisible background that will play on all websites.

So don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Video Leads Machine Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!


So Many Of Us Lacks The Authority, The Trust, And The “Perceived” Expertise To Even Move The Needle.

It’s one of the hardest things for business owners and entrepreneurs to overcome because we don’t all have the connections or established reputations seen in the examples above…

Video Leads Machine Tackles This VERY Problem By Combining A Unique Form Of Video With A Proven Process To Establish Authority In Just Days, No Matter What Niche You’re In…

It Starts With AuthorityVids (The Unique Software) Included With Video Leads Machine…

  • Each Segment Features Multiple Options To Give Your Videos True Variety Featuring A Variety Of Spokespersons
  • Customizable Backgrounds: Choose From Our Extensive Library Of Eye-Catching Backgrounds Or Add Your Own
  • Add a background of the inside of a business to make it look like the video was filmed on location!
  • Choose From A Variety Of Soundtracks: Choose from one of our many soundtrack options, or add your own!
  • Exclusive Members Area With Detailed Training
  • No Watermarks – Everything Is 100% Yours
  • 100’s of Professional Clips – Several Spokespersons
  • Cloud-Based Software – Nothing To Install
  • Dedicated Support

Have you ever heard of “TED Talks?” They’re short and powerful speaking events where an expert comes on and talks about, whatever they want to talk about usually in less than 18 minutes. Some of the very best Ted Talks are even 5 minutes or less!

There is a reason for this shortened speaking engagement. It gives the expert a platform to deliver information the audience can easily absorb to have the greatest impact.

A lot of these speakers aren’t known to the audience, there’s no previous connection, there’s no trust established – but by the end of the TED Talk, the audience is enthralled, and the speaker gains INSTANT AUTHORITY with the audience on the subject matter…

Keeping This In Mind, The Creators Set out To Develop A Video Creation Software That Made It Easy To Create Your Own “Mini Ted Talk”

A powerful interview style type video where you can be the speaker, and talk to your audience on a platform that positions you as the EXPERT for whatever it is you want to talk about.

By Combining These “Mini TED Talk” Style Videos With A Proven Model – We’ve Cracked The Code To Instant Authority!

David Sprague a renowned brand and authority building expert, and his team took it upon themselves to crack the code to gaining INSTANT AUTHORITY! David and his team specialize in developing entrepreneurs from the ground up to attain success.

They’ve leveraged the best strategies, the best technology, and talked with the experts to develop Video Leads Machine – A powerful step-by-step process combined with automated software (AuthorityVids) that anyone, in any niche, can follow to start gaining INSTANT AUTHORITY to drive leads and ultimately boost business!

David Explains The Method, The Process, And The Software That Is Video Leads Machine:

Automated, Point-And-Click Video Creation Software Designed To Create “Mini TED Talk” Videos Positioning Any Business And/or Product As A INSTANT Expert.

The videos won’t be the same. Each video will be customized to that business. The intros and outros added will be unique to that business as will the details for that business. The music selections and the backgrounds will be different.

The length of the video will vary with the intros and outros that are used — or not used. Therefore, all these differences make the videos unique in the eyes of YouTube.

An in-depth strategy you can use for ANY niche to start gaining hot leads ready to invest with you! You’ll be getting resources and information from one of the best in the business in Authority and Brand development…

Module #1: Lead Conversion Strategy

1.1 Ingredients to getting leads

  • Authority Trust Value Formula

1.2 Video Authority Multiplier

  • Video Stats Break Down Types Of Videos which ones are best for authority Authority
  • Comparisons

1.3 Ted Talk Conversion Formula

  • Break Down Ted Talks And Case Study Success in minutes

1.4 Video Lead Machine Strategy

Module #2: Video Conversion Strategy

2.1 The HPITA Formula

2.2 The Offer

2.3 The Headline

2.4 The Problem

2.5 The Illustration

2.6 The Take Away

2.7 The Action

Module #3: Authority Video Formula

3.1 Authority Video Framework

  • Break down how the psychology and framework for a 5 minute interview video

3.2 Authority Video Creation

  • How to manually create a video, and outsource it on Fiverr

3.3 Video Lead Capture Strategy

  • How to build lead capture page and leverage your video

3.4 Supercharge Lead Generation

  • How to get reviews that will supercharge your lead gen

3.5 Instant Authority To Get Leads

  • Summary of what you have and who you are not as an expert
  • Leverage it for niches and services

Module #4: Video Lead Marketing

4.1 Leads With Email Marketing

4.2 Leads With Social Media Marketing

4.3 Leads With SEO

4.4 Leads With Cold Traffic

4.5 Leads With Retargeting

4.6 Leads With Networking

Module #5: Authority Vid Automation

5.1 Tools You Can Use To Automate

5.2 DFY High Converting Scripts

5.3 Authority Vid Quickstart

5.4 Authority Vid Creation Automation

5.5 Video Lead Pages Training


My old company started using your videos and we have moved on to other ventures because of the leverage your training has allowed us to create.

I think people should look at what you offer as going to school. No school teaches you everything, but it should be fuel to to get the fire started. We are eating well thanks to the training.

It’s not what is taught… but, what is caught. Some students sit in class and just can’t catch on. Your style is as simple as it comes and in a way, that it is caught.

Using these powerful and effective video marketing tools has saved me months of setup time, they have greatly reduced my learning curve and they have helped me to quickly become an expert in video marketing.

I would just like to take a minute to let you know how much I have learned and profited from Todd’s training and products. I purchased and am using Todd’s fist product and all subsequent products also for my business Promotional Product Strategies.

I have profited thousands of dollars with Todd’s training and “done for you products”. I like many of you have purchased lots of “the current shinny thing” products out there. So I can say with out hesitation that Todd’s products and training are fantastic and with the BEST solid support of any one out there.

At the very first instant it looked quite Unreal. But I am very much impressed by the simple ease of use & dynamic Features of Video Leads Machine.

Having worked directly with Todd, I know firsthand how much focus he puts on to the quality of the products he creates. Video Leads Machine is another sure fire winner, and I know for a fact everyone who uses this correctly will see huge increase in conversion rates on their sales pages, pre-sell pages, and more

There’s No Where Else You’re Going To Find A Powerhouse Package Like This, Addressing This Glaring Problem So Many Of Us Face. It Takes Most People YEARS To Establish The Kind Of Authority That Can Make A Difference To Their Success

Our proven step-by-step strategy can give you results in just DAYS! Especially when you combine it with the AuthorityVids software included with Video Leads Machine. The price of Video Leads Machine CAN’T stay this low.

You know for a fact, that more Authority and establishing yourself as an expert in your business can make the difference in more getting more leads and ultimately making more sales…

Your INSTANT Authority Is Right Around The Corner With Video Leads Machine! This Early Bird Discount Will Expire Soon!

Remember, this app is 100% cloud-based. Because of the significant infrastructure we need to keep it performing, updated and on the cutting edge, we will need to sell it for a monthly subscription at a rate that will be no less than $27 a month in the near future!

This incredibly-affordable one-time price discount is our way of making sure that Video Leads Machine is accessible to anyone who needs to maximize their traffic, generate more leads, get more customers, and/or boost sales.

But we can’t keep it at this price beyond the end of our introductory pricing period – NO exceptions! So act now to take advantage of our one-time super-low introductory price offer NOW! Once this introductory period closes, this pricing will be gone!

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Video Leads Machine Review):


With Video Leads Machine It’s As Easy As A, B, C…

  1. Choose A Template From The Dozens Available: Pick out a pre-made commercial template from the dozens up dozens we offer in a variety of niches and topics.
  2. Customize Your Spokesperson By Editing The Background, Text, Graphics, & More: Customize your commercial with ease. Open our cloud-based editor, change a few lines of text, choose from dozens of lower thirds graphics, backgrounds, soundtracks, and more, and publish your video in less than 90 seconds!
  3. Publish And Download Your Video: Your High Definition video will be ready for you to share on Social Media, upload on YouTube or Vimeo, or post to your site or blog. You can even sell the videos you produce!


For a limited time, you can grab Video Leads Machine with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!


Leverage The Power of Video With These Proven, Instant Authority Strategies, And Position Yourself As THE Expert – To Attract Leads Ready To Invest In You And Your Products No Matter What Niche You’re In.

Learn How To Use Video To Establish INSTANT Authority, Attract Unlimited Leads, And Convert Them Into Clients and Customers, TODAY!


Now, Let’s Make Sure You Have The Resources To FIND, ATTRACT, And CONVERT Your New Leads!

Establishing more authority through different channels (email & social), developing a five-star reputation, and having the tools to communicate with your leads with confidence. All of this working together will help to ATTRACT and CONVERT leads into actionable customers.

  • Email Marketing Sequence

This is a five part email sequence to help you ENGAGE with and ATTRACT your prospective leads. Use this professionally written campaign to leverage your (or another businesses’) newly created Authority in your niche to convert more leads!

  • Social Posts Sequence

Get SEVEN professionally written social posts to leverage Authority through Twitter, Facebook, and more. It’s the same approach as the Email Marketing Sequence above but developed specifically for social media. Tweak and edit these posts for your business, or your client’s business, publish them and start attracting more leads through social channels!

  • Social Covers

Three editable social covers are also included. Use these covers on social handles to strengthen your brands and stand out from the competition.These covers can also be used at the top of the marketing emails.

  • PowerPoint Presentaion

Get a professionally written multi-slide PowerPoint presentation. This is helpful in so many ways. First, as an organizational tool. Clearly and concisely organize your sales pitch for when you do communicate with your new leads.

Second, it’s a professionally done presentation you can use if you ever do need to present to a prospective client. And last but not least, it can serve as a great script to follow during a call with prospective clients.

  • Business Finder Software

And as a special, limited time bonus for this offer ONLY! You’re going to get our Business Finder Software. Simply type in a location, and business type and the software sends back results of businesses that match the search.

It also will tell you if they have social media channels, a website, and more. Gain an edge on finding leads with the Business Finder Software!


Unlock The Power Of UNLIMITED AuthorityVids And Capitalize On An Untapped Market Of Businesses Starving for Authority!

  • Create Unlimited AuthorityVids!
  • 32 More Template Scripts in The Hottest Niches!
  • Position Yourself as the Expert Authority Builder!
  • Capitalize On a Rapidly Growing Market!
  • Create Another Income Stream for Your Business!

To take advantage of UNLIMITED AuthorityVids because you have the tools to connect with the businesses, and turn them into clients! (and if you didn’t get the Sales & Marketing Kit you’ll still have a chance during this short launch period to get it again).


Increase Your Leads Conversions With This Powerful Lead Capture Page SYSTEM

This Is A Lead Capture Page SYSTEM Complete With Design, Build, And Stat Capabilities…

  • Build UNLIMITED stunning land pages designed to do one thing, CONVERT MORE LEADS!
  • Know with confidence how your leads conversion campaigns are performing!
  • Offer landing page designs and lead conversion systems to your clients, and charge more for your services!


  • Part 1: Quick Start Activation Training
  • Part 2: Build your System for New Clients
  • Part 3: Advanced AuthorityVid Strategies


Thank you so much for reading my Video Leads Machine Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This offer is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.




























Bonus #1: TweetLead (EXCLUSIVE)

Using this proven software you can create one-click signup buttons inside *any* Tweet!

It’s basically what ConnectLeads does, but for Twitter. We were planning to launch this separately.. but decided to give it away for FREE as a bonus to ConnectLeads.

(Could easily be sold separately for $197)
























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2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at:
3: You will receive all Your bonus within 24 hours

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