Smart Content Profits Review

Smart Content Profits Review – Get EXCLUSIVE $29k BONUS PACKS NOW! Smart Content Profits Bonus

If you have any desire at all to build an empire of profitable self-updating niche content sites, then you MUST pay attention to this, right away. You know how much work it takes to build a niche content site and then keep it updated with relevant content.

Imagine being able to supply just 3 pieces of information, click your mouse a few times, and then just walk away… because your pro quality niche content site has been built for you, stocked with content for you, and constantly updates with “legally stolen” content for you, hands-off!

That’s what Smart Content Profits does for you.

Smart Content Profits is a ground-breaking app that builds WordPress sites on auto-pilot. Just add in a domain and let our system do the rest. The system will build and set everything up for the wordpress site in minutes and it includes full lifetime WordPress hosting on our own super fast servers.

This is a unique never before seen app that helps you build content sites within just a few minutes. his will be a huge app as its completely unique in the market place! Not only will it build the site but it will also add the content as well! Once the site is set you can instant add content via a couple of different ways.

Search for the content using our huge database, then add or schedule the post. You can have the site up and running with tons of content in just minutes. You can also add a keyword in and the system will auto build the site based on the keyword choice.

It has multiple features including:

  • Build  your site and populate via a csv file
  • Add in RSS feeds
  • Full content database
  • Manage the site direct from the dashboard
  • Lifetime hosting included

Smart Content Profits is an online application, you log in with your username and password. That means it will work on any device, from anywhere that has Internet. Nothing to download, nothing to install.

Just supply a domain name, a site title, and a content niche? Yes it is that easy. That’s how it’s designed, to automate all the repetitive work of building a content site, and then supply the site with constantly updated “legally stolen” content. Three pieces of info, a few mouse clicks, and you’re good to go!

Smart Content Profits can build a site for any niche that has an audience and a fair amount of content out there. Hosting is included! And not some garbage bargain basement hosting, it’s the same hosting that Richard – the creator himself has his own sites on. So you know it’ll be good.

The Smart Content Profits is a a brand new software that allows users to setup their WordPress site in a matter of minutes! This plugin will AUTOMATICALLY:

  • Delete the demo WordPress content
  • Change the Permalink Structure
  • Create your About, Contact, and Privacy Policy pages
  • Create Posts/Pages for all your Keywords
  • Add Content To All Your Posts
  • Add An Image To All Your Posts
  • Add relevant YouTube videos to each of those pages
  • Add Amazon affiliate products to each page…

With just one click this plugin will setup your entire blog for you. It literally saves you 60 minutes every time you setup a WordPress Blog.

Remember, Smart Content Profits builds profitable self-updating niche content sites for you, hands off. You just need to give it a domain name, a site title, and a keyword or keyphrase for your site’s niche.

Like magic, it builds a complete site for you, stocked with “legally stolen” content, and updated regularly. No more writing, no more site building, no more site coding, you don’t even need to supply a hosting account because hosting is INCLUDED.

Log in from anywhere on any device, 24/7, and you can have a full-on niche content site running in minutes. Don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Smart Content Profits Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!


Here’s What You Get In Simple Content Profits:


This is the heart and soul of Simple Content Profits. Just login to your account from anywhere, on any device, and you’ll be at your super easy to use dashboard. Just enter these items:

  • Domain name for your new site
  • Title for your new site
  • Keyword or subject for your new site

And click the BUILD button. THAT’S IT!


Your webhost can make or break your success, especially if you use one of those budget cheapie webhosts. Those guys usually do one or more of the following:

  • Overload their servers with too many customers
  • Use out-of-date equipment to save money
  • Use slower cheaper upstream providers
  • Wimp out on customer support

Kiss those risks goodbye. I depend on my sites, so I’ve got bulletproof fast hosting… and so will you. Your sites are automatically built on hosting that won’t let you down… and won’t hurt your budget, because it’s INCLUDED AT NO CHARGE!


No more having to manually setup WordPress, with all its confusing settings and technical mumbo-jumbo. And no worrying if your site can get hacked down the line, putting all your hard work — and income — in jeopardy.

  • Your WordPress site is set up the RIGHT way
  • Always the latest, most secure version
  • Every permission correct, every setting correct
  • Ongoing security is always locked in
  • Your setup details can be downloaded in text file

Your WordPress woes are a thing of the past!


Themes and plugins can be a total nightmare. You NEED them… but finding them and setting them up can be the most work of all.

  • Themes/plugins can fall out of date and die
  • Each theme/plugin has a different setup process
  • Which plugin really does the best job?
  • Will my plugins conflict with each other or with the theme?
  • Good luck getting support

Not anymore. I identified the BEST theme and plugins for this type of site. I depend on them, and I don’t want any problems while building the site, or down the line. You get the same handpicked theme and plugins that I use, which work perfectly every time.


Your site can’t survive without content. Rather than resigning yourself to a life chained at your desk, churning out articles… or paying someone else to do it… Smart Content Profits will search for the best fresh content on your subject, and “legally steal” it for use on your site!

  • Content is always on topic and fresh
  • Specify parameters or let it go on its own
  • Immediate posting or post by scheduling calendar

Smart Content Profits turns your site into self-updating one-stop-source for the content your audience is hungry for!


flexible. Some sites should be updated once daily, some more, some less. You can always have content posted based on the specific schedule YOU want.

  • Let Simple Content Profits post whenever it finds something new
  • Designate a specific schedule for as far into the future as you want
  • Look ahead, see what will be posted, and change it if you want
  • Will my plugins conflict with each other or with the theme?
  • Always the option to add original content if you want

You’re never locked in to a content posting schedule that won’t “work” for your niche.


Remember how I said Simple Content Profits will “legally steal” content for your site? That means it’s automatically curating content that other sources post. This is totally whitehat and allowable — even big companies like Yahoo depend on curated content for their sites!

But you MUST include a properly formatted citation link back to the source. Mess this up and you’re committing a copyright violation that can result in losing your website and high dollar fines.

Simple Content Profits will ALWAYS include a properly formatted citation link with every single content item it curates for you. No worries, and no problems down the line.


If you aren’t socially sharing each article you post on your website, you’re missing out on crucial opportunities.

  • Viral traffic from people sharing your posts
  • Social engagement that builds your social network
  • High value linkbacks that search engines love

Simple Content Profits ensures every one of your posts gets properly shared to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Imgur, Reddit, and Blogger account. Always formatted properly, always using the right image, always ready to generate viral sharing!


  • Delete The Demo Posts, Pages and Comments

When building a WordPress site the first steps every users needs to do is delete the demo posts, pages and comments that come pre-loaded on your site. Smart Content Profits does that all for you with the click of a mouse!

  • Change The Permalink Structure To %PostName%.

You also need to change the Permalink structure to %PostName% for proper SEO. Smart Content Profits does this for you with the click of a mouse!

  • Create Your About, Contact Us and Privacy Policy

Every site needs an About, Contact and Privacy Policy pages to enhance the trust of the site in the eyes of the search engines. Setting up these pages waste as much as 15-20 minutes of your time. Smart Content Profits creates those pages for you with the click of a mouse!

  • Install & Activate All The Essential Plugins

You will also want to add plugins to your site to help with usability, SEO, site speed, etc. The process of searching for the plugins, installing them and then activating them can easily take you 15 minutes. Smart Content Profits will install and activate the plugins for you with the click of a mouse!

  • Create Posts For All Your Desired Keywords

To start building your site you need to create posts or pages around all the keywords you plan to rank your website for. This tedious process can easily take 30 minutes to do. With Smart Content Profits you simply enter in all your keywords and the software will create a post or page for each one!

  • Add Content To All Your Posts

Of course, you also need content for all your posts. With Smart Content Profits you can quickly upload an article for each keyword and the software will automatically add that content to your post or page when it is created. This feature easily saves you 30-60 minutes of time.

  • Add Images To Every Post

No post is complete without an image. Having to go to each post, upload an image and then insert it into the post is a huge waste of time. With Smart Content Profits, simply upload an image for each keyword and that image will automatically be added to the post when it is created. This can save you 15-30 minutes of your time.

  • Add Relevant YouTube Videos To All Posts

You also want to add relevant YouTube videos to each post to add content, increase engagement and, of course, Google loves to see them. This tedious process can easily take 30 minutes to do. Smart Content Profits will add a YouTube video relevant to your keyword to each post for you with the click of a mouse!

  • Add Amazon Affiliate Products To Every Post

Of course, no site is complete until you have monetized it so you can make money from your site. With Smart Content Profits, the plugin will automatically monetize every post on your site with relevant Amazon affiliate products. This can save you 60-90 minutes of your time.

  • Add Custom Ads To Every Post

Want to sell your own products, build your email list, or sell affiliate products other than Amazon? This tedious process can easily take 60 minutes to do. With Smart Content Profits, you can automatically add optin boxes, affiliate ads, or any other content you want to every post on your site.


You’ve probably received so many opportunity emails in your online career, you’re jaded. Maybe you’ve purchased some apps and money making methods that have let you down. Maybe you think everything is a scam.

I totally get it, and you aren’t alone. A friend of mine, Richard, is hugely successful, but he still buys apps and opportunities. I asked him why, he said because 1) it’s fun for him, and 2) he never knows when he’ll run across an amazing idea that will make him even more money.

But if you’re STRUGGLING to make money, it’s NO fun, and you NEED to run across that amazing idea, like, yesterday. Again, I totally get it. Richard was struggling just like you for a long time. He finally started seeing some success when he started building content sites.

He’d focus on a particular niche, and build a website serving that niche. He’d write articles that would appeal to them. He’d share those articles on his social media accounts. And when the traffic started coming in, he’d make some money from the ads posted on the site.

This is a method that totally works, still works today, but it has a big problem: scalability. That means, you quickly hit a plateau beyond which you can’t handle building anymore sites. Even for an old school guy like Richard who could build sites quickly, he’d still get bogged down in the content.

You can only write so much, because writing takes time. And if you pay people for articles, you have to shell out before you know if the site will pay off. Richard decided to lean on the programmers he knew, to see if they could automate a bit of the process. Turns out, they automated the whole thing. He even automated the content.

Richard wanted to do the least amount of work possible: supply a domain name and site title, input the site content niche, and click the GO button. He put his new app to work and built himself an entire network of content sites that totally turned his world around. Money was rolling in, and still does.

And he doesn’t have to lift a finger.

You see, after Richard’s app totally builds the site, it starts “legally stealing” relevant content from other places, posting it in a certain way that is totally ethical and legal. It’s the same method huge companies like Yahoo use for packing their massive sites with content.

His sites self-update with new content whenever it’s available, and they even share each post across a wide list of Richard’s social media accounts.

Richard’s got more than enough money to be comfortable. And he told me he wants to start helping people who are struggling right now in these tough times, like he was. So he “prettied up” his app and is making it available to you for the first time.

Richard’s Smart Content Profits is an online app you can login to from anywhere, using any device. With just those 3 pieces of info — domain name, site title, and niche keyword or keyphrase — you can have an entire site built, including self-updating “legally stolen” content, within minutes.

Every posted article gets shared out to your Facebook, Twitter, etc., properly formatted, so you can get viral sharing traffic and valuable linkbacks. It even hosts the sites for you, on the same high-speed high-power webhost that Richard uses himself.

In other words, you can build an empire of highly profitable websites, just like Richard did. Now, everyone (myself included) told Richard he should charge an arm and a leg for Smart Content Profits. He stood firm on helping people out, so he’s set the price SUPER low, like, way lower than you’d ever expect for an app this powerful. So I felt duty-bound to tell you about it.

Let’s check the huge benefits come up:

  • Essential Plugin For Every Marketer: Every marketer will enjoy being able to quickly creating fully functional WordPress sites in under 60 seconds.
  • Automatically Creates Your Posts: Users can simply specify their keyword and content and the plugin will automatically create a post for each keyword with just a click.
  • Automatically Monetizes Your Site: Smart Content Profits will automatically add relevant Amazon affiliate products to every post.
  • Build Your Entire Site In Under 60 Seconds: Automatically remove demo content, create your posts, create legal pages, add images and videos.
  • Instantly Monetize Your Site Automatically: Stop wasting time monetizing your site and let Smart Content Profits do it all for you instantly.
  • Build Your List, Sell More Products, Save Time: Add optin boxes to build your list… Add ads for your own products… Add high converting affiliate offers… it’s all done in a matter of seconds!

I was fortunate enough to get Beta testing access to this online platform and highly innovative software, and Boy Oh Boy was I not completely taken aback. At best I describe myself as an intermediate user of WordPress and currently have more than 10 active websites in various niches.

It was always a struggle for me to choose the right theme and get started with content building, but Smart Content Profits has cut my time and effort tenfold. It allowed me to just simply add my WordPress domain, and the system set up the complete website within minutes.

The ability to add in your keyword whilst the system auto-builds the site based on the keyword choice, is a feature that every website owner, whether newbie or highly experienced, will certainly appreciate.

Filling out your sites with quality content from a variety of sources is just as simple. Your sites can be updated with fresh content in real time or scheduled posts completely handsfree. Lifetime wordpress hosting for a one time fee makes this a truly cost-effective way to enjoy an unrivalled wordpress experience with a massive range of features and unparalleled customer service.

It is by far the best auto-site builder on offer today. Period. The most unique twist is in the fact you are actually building standalone WP sites, on your own domains, with possibly unique DNS and IP addresses, with managed hosting for life included (!), all on very fast servers.

It’s not forever, though. Get in now as an early bird, and you’ll pay the lowest you’ll ever see for Smart Content Profits. Your purchase is fully guaranteed for 30 days, so you have nothing to lose.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Smart Content Profits Review):

Smart Content Profits Bonus


I’ve seen so many “push button” apps, I’m jaded to the max. I always kinda snort and laugh at these launches, not because the apps aren’t useful, they ARE… but just because they promise the stars, when they really should only promise you the moon. You know what I mean?

But Smart Content Profits is different. 

I gave Richard the benefit of the doubt because I know he’s been around for a LONG time, and I’ve liked the quality of other products he’s been involved with.

So I tried Smart Content Profits and ran it through its paces. When I supplied a domain, site title, and content niche for the first site, I was honestly expecting a pile of you-know-what after I clicked the Create button.

But wow. Smart Content Profits built a beautiful fully hosted site for me, with ace content, and it’s already added some new content. This is a REAL winner!

This Is a Very newbie friendly system that lets you build content sites very quickly. Add your domain name into the system. Our software then builds you a WordPress site fully hosted, access to cPanel etc. You have full access to the blog/hosting etc

The blog is auto linked to our creation software which you can then add in your RSS feeds, keywords and the software will start creating and populating the blog.

It will syndicate the content back to social platforms Facebook, twitter, reddit and more. You can schedule and autopost the content via the calendar.

On the first up-sell your can create more than one site, five in total. Plus there is more syndication and features for the RSS feeds

Next up-sell you can auto monetise all posts and blogs, so for example if you where building a blog about health. You can add your health banners and CTA’s in and the software will split test the ones you set.

It will add CTA to posts, banners, etc.

Software is a pain. You have to download it, run an installation, hope it works with your system setup, and then start troubleshooting when it doesn’t. Plus, install on your desktop machine and you might have to pay a second time to install on your laptop.

They built Simple Content Profits as a cloud-based app. Nothing for you to download, nothing for you to install. No worrying about PC or Mac or Android or iPhone… Whatever you’re using — computer, laptop, tablet, phone — and wherever you’re at — office, home, library, the beach, the bathroom — Simple Content Profits will work for you!


For a limited time, you can grab Smart Content Profits with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!


Opens at early bird price of $27.00 on 11th Oct @ 11am for 9 hours… Then goes to $29 and then increase via a dime sale at Midday every 24 hours. Goes to $97 some point after the close 18th Oct Midnight EST


Create even more sites with this unique upgrade. This allows your user to create 10 sites all on different domains. Your user can easily build all these ten sites in just minutes. Your user can set them to auto post so they build themselves when they sleep.

The system will set up WordPress on the sites and your user will be able to instantly add your content from our searchable database PLUS add even more with RRS feeds.


This monitizes every post on auto pilot. Imagine having ten sites that are building them selves while your user sleeps. But what about if we took this one step further. Those same sites had ads on every post that was made.

And it was split testing those ads to see which works best. This is easy and takes our system even further and makes it a money making machine


We have upgraded our amazing Pixal software and added some unique new features this will be the last upgrade in the funnel and you can claim this today by buying any upgrade. You can instantly add amazing graphics and call to actions to any post you make.

  • New premium template
  • New rich media banners
  • Video banners
  • Overlay video banners
  • Full embeds
  • And much more


Thank you so much for reading my Smart Content Profits Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This offer is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.



























Bonus #1: TweetLead (EXCLUSIVE)

Using this proven software you can create one-click signup buttons inside *any* Tweet!

It’s basically what ConnectLeads does, but for Twitter. We were planning to launch this separately.. but decided to give it away for FREE as a bonus to ConnectLeads.

(Could easily be sold separately for $197)
























1 : Get Smart Content Profits here to download it now
2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: [email protected]
3: You will receive all Your bonus within 24 hours

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