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MinuteKit Review – Get EXCLUSIVE $32,000 BONUS PACKS NOW! MinuteKit Bonus

This morning I got a message from Cindy Donovan.  She told me it was ready. I’m like… ok, cool.  (?!?) Then she sent me login details to her new system and what happened next was nothing short of amazing.

It’s called Minute Kit and in under a minute (for real…!) I saw her activate 7 complete websites.  These aren’t your average websites. They’ve each got:

  • A complete lead magnet funnel Instantly ready for building lists, automatically delivering the top notch lead magnet, following up with 30 days of written for you emails, leading them to your sales pages
  • A complete sales funnel: Once they download your gift, they’re automatically offered the first of your products (at $9.97, nice tripwire price point). They’ll be offered other products too, including a $27 upsell, downsell, $47 offer and even cross promotions for the 6 other offers in the Minute Kit pack

In a nutshell, Minute Kit is a bundle of 7 membership websites complete with lead magnets, automated sales systems, funnels for each (upsells, downsells) that are ready and earning your members 100% commissions in under 1 minute.

It’s a revolutionary online marketing system that simplifies the entire money-making process. Now even the newest internet entrepreneur can get everything set up in 60 minutes or less!

You get done-for-you affiliate funnels, pre-written email campaigns, and cutting-edge software that tracks click, leads, and conversions for any traffic source!

Everything is hosted, written, designed, automated and … well… basically perfect. You get 100% of the sales – but it doesn’t stop there…

Since you’re building lists, Cindy and her team actually manage those for you…! After your 30 day automatic promo sequence is finished, they continue to promote to your list FOR LIFE…

So it’s built for you and managed for you list building and affiliate commissions. It’s all set up for you in under 1 minute. In less than one minute you can have:

  • Seven complete JVZoo product funnels live
  • With lead magnet, upsells, downsells, cross sells & more
  • Inbuilt 30 day written for you autoresponder emails selling your products
  • Ongoing promotions with YOUR affiliate links for LIFE!

This is hands down, the most complete system I’ve ever seen. It’s working by giving you 100% commissions in all of the products in all of the funnels, so there’s no need to do ANYTHING technical

Better yet, if you’ve ever been denied promoting something on JVZoo then you’re going to love this… They’re giving you GUARANTEED approval on these 100% commission products.

You just send one request and you’ll be earning 100% of everything in all funnels, that start capturing leads for you (managed by them, or you can add them to your own AR too). Then sells and continues to sell with this cleverly automated system.

Minute Kit Gives You Seven Websites Each With:

  • Lead Capture Page: With hosted & automated autoresponder
  • Confirmation Page: For an excellent subscriber experience
  • Download Page: Delivering your high quality gift
  • Bridging/Offer Page: Offering a matched $9.97 upgrade
  • One Time Offer/Upsell Page: Encouraging a $27 upgrade
  • Downsell Page: Presenting a discounted offer for $22
  • Second Upsell Page: More value & more profits at $47
  • Welcome Page: Thanking your customer, sharing what’s next
  • Members Download Area: Automatically delivering products

For SEVEN complete products earning you 100% commissions, all set up in under 1 minute. This is the perfect foot in the door – and especially for you if you are sick of getting rejected for having low stats in your JVZoo account – MinuteKit will get your first sales flowing quick!

The creators have covered all of the HOTTEST selling Internet Marketing niches including affiliate marketing, product creation, launching, sales copywriting, startups, social media and of course … traffic!

Members can use these resources for themselves, or high quality gifts they can share for sales of their products (pocketing $9.97, $27 & $47 sales) and seeing affiliate commissions on multiple networks too.

Their 1 minute set up activates complete automated businesses that cross sells between the 7 businesses, upsell and followup to close sales. So don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Minute Kit Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!


You’ll get:

  • Done-For-You Affiliate Funnels that build your email list and potentially make you money at the same time!
  • Lead Magnets that you can give away on social media sites to build your list, or as a gift to your existing subscribers
  • Customizable funnel templates and fill-in-the-blanks email campaigns you can use to promote any product you want (templated conversion campaign included)
  • Professionally-Written Email Campaigns that you can import into your free autoresponder with one click!
  • Cutting Edge Tracking Software that shows you which traffic sources are getting you results
  • Lucrative Referral Program – 100% commission on the trial, plus 75% commission on monthly and lifetime memberships!
  • Easy, On-Demand Traffic – just choose how many visitors you want from our trusted list of sellers
  • FINALLY! A simple system that makes it easy to pocket affiliate commissions – even for a complete newbie.

Your Cloud Hosted Website Collection Also Includes:


Each of your websites offers a perfectly crafted irresistible lead magnet.  They’re all different, but all high end.  You’ll be able to give away video courses, software collections & more and let the system go to work for you!

Those are just the FREE gifts.  Your customers will get MORE!

The paid products in your website funnels are next level! They’re delivered inside your customer’s members area, giving them additional members-only training and resource collections, automatically delivered as soon as your customer’s payment hits your account!


Writing high converting sales copy and designing it in a way that makes people want to buy either takes YEARS to master, or thousands of dollars  out of your pocket. For each website!

We’ve done it all for you.  Landing pages, upsell/downsell/cross sell offers and more.   We’ve even filmed high quality sales videos and added them to your pages.

There’s nothing for you to edit, customise, set up – no buy buttons to add, or code to mess with.  It’s ready instantly.


Your websites automatically deliver the lead magnets, then send followup emails with 30 days delivering high quality training, bonus resources and real reasons for them to open each and every email, gently prompting them  to buy the products in your funnel.

We add your links to every email in that sequence and queue it in our hosted & managed-for-you autoresponder.  There’s no need to edit/write/touch an email or mess with software.

Once that 30 days is finished, we’ll find targeted offers, review them, create bonuses, write emails & send them all with your affiliate links … for as long as that person says subscribed…!


Our goal with minute kit was to make this the most beginner friendly, fast and easy way to start seeing results online.
So if you are starting out (or just in a hurry), everything is 100% ready to go after you’ve complete your one minute activation.  Right out of the box you’ll have:

  • 7 Complete Websites: Capturing Leads, Filled With Products & Completely Automated
  • Packed With Products: Sell Perfectly Tailored $9.97, $22, $27 & $47 Products In Your Funnels
  • Ongoing Commissions: Managed JVZoo, W+ & Clickbank Promos Well After That First Lead Arrives
  • No Limits: Add Unlimited Subscribers & Customers On All 7 Websites, & Even Have Them Sharing Too!

However… If you want more flexibility, we’ve got that too. With more features available than we can list.  If you’re wondering ‘does it do that…?!?  The answer is very likely a big fat YES!


You’ll get traffic 3 easy ways

  • One-Click Traffic Toolkit: You’ll have a collection of banners, email swipes and prewritten social share resources already embedded with your name and link, ready to click, post and profit.
  • Self Perpetuating Traffic Funnel: Once a subscriber joins your list through one of your giveaways, they’ll receive emails encouraging them to share, purchase or buy other products all with your links
  • Done-For-You Paid Traffic: If you’ve ever wanted to run paid traffic but not sure how, this is for you. We offer reasonably priced traffic packages getting your websites seen by people who need it!


We all realise that the best way of having a sustainable online income is by building & developing lists of subscribers and buyers. It’s called “building your audience”

When you have an audience, you can drive any amount of targeted traffic just by sending a simple email. This means you can sell your own products and sell others as an affiliate.

But to keep your lists building you need to have fresh campaigns and new offers. You want to make money while building your list – not spend money.

So, you should have multiple campaigns feeding leads into monetized funnels to get the most out of the listbuilding process

But Setting Up New Funnels Is Never Quick & Easy. You need to:

  • Create a giveaway product
  • Make a cover graphic
  • Make a compelling video to entice people to get your giveaway
  • Design a squeeze page
  • Make a thank you page and a download page
  • Add all the required legal pages
  • And then link it all together and upload it to the net

But today, YOU don’t need to do any of that! You can have my funnel up & running in just 8 clicks… How cool is that? A whole new campaign, live & on the net in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.

If you’ve been struggling to make money online and you desperately need a system that works, then your frustration ends today! Because I’m going to give you a turn-key system that:

  • Builds your email list with completely done-for-you affiliate sales funnels that convert like crazy!
  • Follows up with your leads automatically with 85 pre-written emails that persuade your new subscribers to take action!
  • Tracks your clicks, leads, and conversions with cutting-edge software that shows you which traffic sources are getting results!
  • Pays you 100% commission on the trial, plus 75% commission on monthly and lifetime memberships!
  • Gives you access to unlimited traffic! Just choose how many visitors you want and watch the system build your list and make affiliate sales for you!
  • And if you want FREE traffic…there’s a complete guide to generating traffic, leads, & sales from Facebook – without spending a dime on ads!
  • You can literally have your own affiliate marketing business set up and ready to make money in 60 minutes or less!
  • And once your system is ready, you can run your entire business from anywhere in the world just using your laptop or phone!

Minute Kit cuts out all the technicalities, & helps you to get your hands on 7 completely ready to sell products with high converting lead magnets, download & delivery pages, Upsell & downsell offers without even lifting your finger… & even more as you don’t have to even set up, edit or customize in any way.

Here’s what each of the 7 websites has-

  • An inbuilt autoresponder system that captures emails & follows up with 30 days of hand crafted emails to close sales of your sites (all with your links!)
  • A complete sales funnel flow selling 11 products across the 7 sites (where you’ll get 100% commissions on every product
  • Inbuilt TRAFFIC … the traffic set up is pretty clever…

Everything is hosted, written, designed, automated and … well… basically perfect. You get 100% of the sales – but it doesn’t stop there… Since you’re building lists, Cindy and her team actually manage those for you…!

After your 30 day automatic self written & high converting promo sequence is finished, they continue to promote to your list FOR LIFE… So it’s built for you and managed for you list building and affiliate commissions.

Now that’s surely got ya pulling the wool over your eyes. It’s all set up for you in less than 60 seconds.

You are getting a “no-brainer” bargain here. All I ask is that you TAKE ACTION. Actually log in and spend the few minutes creating your funnel and use it to build YOUR list.

You see, the whole point of this product and this Minute Kit Review is not for me to get a few dollars from you. It is to put into your hands a credible and effective listbuilding funnel.

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.

This isn’t one of them. There’s NO hidden “continuity program” – and in case you’re wondering why I’m doing this…

Well, there are actually a few reasons…

  • It’s my kinda way of giving back from the success I’ve had…
  • Start making sales from my funnel, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from me in the future.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Minute Kit Review):

Minute Kit Bonus


Setting Up Your Seven Websites Is Easy As 1, 2, 3

  • Step 1: Connect

Connect your JVZoo account by adding your JVZoo ID in your “Settings” page. If you’ve never heard of JVZoo before, that’s ok too – we show you how to create and set up your free account!

  • Step 2: Request

Send a JVZoo request for ONE product.  We own the account so you’re guaranteed approval. We’ll approve you within 12-24hrs to get 100% commissions for ALL 11 products in your 7 website bundle

  • Step 3: Traffic

Use our predesigned one-click traffic toolkit containing banners, social media posts, email swipes & more. Once done, the automated emails drive traffic to your buy buttons & funnel items for you

You’ll be able to get commissions from ALL the big players… JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank and more…The list goes on.

That’s not the best bit though. This is all done on complete autopilot, with sales and commissions sent directly to your own account – there’s no middleman cut, you’ll get it all – and for the products INSIDE your funnels? You get 100% of the profits, we don’t even take a commission.

Yep, 1 minute. I know, I know. It sounds a little out there… Luckily for you, I made a video to show you just that. (Ironically, it’s longer than it takes you to set up all seven websites inside of MinuteKit.)


This is the perfect solution for beginner marketers wanting a simple way to get what the ‘big boys’ have, without the massive learning curve.

OR if you’re an advanced marketer, you can add these anywhere, on bonuses pages (with our DFY banners), in autoresponder sequences (with our DFY swipes) and add multiple streams of managed income by our team!

It couldn’t be easier. If you answer yes to any of the followings then Minute Kit is for you!

  • Would you like to have a funnel in a niche that offers solutions to a problem that 84% of people surveyed said was their biggest issue?
  • Would you like a full funnel – including a product of your own to sell – all set up for you in a professional sales and delivery system?
  • Would you like to have it all set up and deployed using simple, quick and easy tools that even non-techies can complete without breaking sweat?
  • Would you like to have a professional email sequence building your authority and helping you make sales?
  • Would you like to get affiliate commissions from high value 5 day traffic workshops that are “the next logical step” for your customers?


For a limited time, you can grab Minute Kit with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!


Your Access To The Entire Minute Kit Collection

  • Traffic Warrior Website: Cloud Hosted Lead & Product Funnel
  • Affiliate Wisdom Website: Cloud Hosted Lead & Product Funnel
  • Startup Survival Kit Website: Hosted Lead & Product Funnel
  • Launch Rocket Website: Cloud Hosted Lead & Product Funnel
  • Copy Cash Cow Website: Cloud Hosted Lead & Product Funnel
  • FISH Method Website: Cloud Hosted Lead & Product Funnel
  • Social Media Superstar Website: Hosted Lead & Product Funnel
  • 100% Commissions: On $9.97, $22, $27 & $47 Products In Your Funnels
  • Ongoing Commissions: Managed JVZoo, W+ & Clickbank Promos
  • No Limits: Add Unlimited Subscribers & Customers On All 7 Websites
  • Easy Setup: Live In Under 1 Minute Even If You’re Totally New To This
  • (Optional) Integrations: Connect AR’s, Bots, Scripts, Webinars & More
  • BONUS FUNNELS: Pick 2 New Funnels Every Month (No Charge)
  • BONUS BUILDER: Drag & Drop Our Templates To Make Custom Funnels


Make Your Own “Minute Kit” Type Funnels With Training, Software & DFY Kits That I’ll Personally Sell For You

Your Minute Kit Advanced Upgrade Includes:

  • My Personal Templates: You’ll get the exact blueprint I work from when creating profitable funnels
  • Advanced Video Series: I’ve broken down this formula into 10 easy to follow videos
  • Advanced Series (Printable): Download, print and take notes as you’re following the series
  • Funnel Templates: One-click templates have your pages installed and ready to edit in seconds
  • Drag & Drop Builder: Customising your pages is as easy as drag, drop and type. No touching ANY code
  • DFY Resource Kits: Wherever you need to ‘make’ something, we give you done-for-you alternatives
  • Advanced Checklist: Easy to follow, step by step guide to get sales into your pocket faster
  • Easy, No Prior Skills Needed: If you can watch videos, drag/drop and click some buttons you have what it takes!
  • Clear, Direct Path: Nothing is left up to chance, we show you exactly how to make this work for you
  • In Front Of A Cashed-Up Audience: You’ll find out where (& how) to post your website so that it sells (a lot!)
  • Set, Forget & Scale: There’s nothing to maintain. Once live, sales can keep flowing while the your biz is growing
  • Have Other People Build Your Lists: This strategy is so easy it’s almost criminal (totally legal, but.. so easy!)
  • FAST START PLANNER: Simple 5-10 min task list saves time & drama!
  • BONUS: I’LL MAIL MY LIST: Follow the 10 videos, go live & I’ll mail my 200,000+ subscribers to your page


Complete Source Code To All 7 Websites Put Your Name On All 7 Entire Product Funnels. PLR Licence To Everything… Sales Pages Funnels Products & More!

  • Your Name On Everything: Instant authority in 7 HOT niches
  • 7 Entire Ready-To-Go Products: lead funnels & sales funnels
  • 32 Sales Page Files: 7 product funnels, upsells/downsells & more
  • 100+ Video Scripts: Sales scripts & 10 full product video course scripts
  • 80+ Video Downloads: Source files to all training and sales videos
  • 60+ Additional Word Docs: All reports, swipe files, promo docs etc
  • 120+ Graphic Source Code Files: Logo files, banner kits for 7 lead funnels, software mockups, sales page graphics, headlines & more…
  • Command An Affiliate Army: Use your power to have people promote YOU! We’ll give you the whole toolkit
  • Complete Editable Permissions: Change to suit yourself, or add your own buy buttons & get it up quick!
  • Set Your Price & Keep More Profit: You can choose your price and take sales directly and instantly
  • BONUS #1:PLR Funnel Editor: You’ll be able to use our drag and drop page builder to edit each of the 7 lead magnets including pages, emails, add extra bonuses, change it entirely with just a few clicks!
  • BONUS #2: 170+ PLR Lead Magnet Funnels + 2 New Every Month: We’ll also gift you members access to 170 complete lead magnet funnels with PLR license and two new ones every month (no ongoing fees!)


Let Us Send Paid Traffic To Your Pages Kickstart Your MinuteKit Systems With Traffic. Leave It To The Traffic Pro’s. We’ll Start Sending Subscribers To You

  • One month of traffic in our rotator will result in approximately 150-250 clicks to your pages from our variety of top tier traffic.  Having 200 clicks to your pages doesn’t mean you’ll get 100 people sign up. Be wary of anyone selling ‘leads’, they are VERY often bot/fake leads. This is real traffic, so a reasonable optin rate will be around 18-25%
  • We DO NOT guarantee optins or sales. The traffic we send will be the best quality we’re able to provide, but what these real people do when landing on your page is up to the individual.
  • Your traffic purchase is NON REFUNDABLE.
  • You’ll begin to see traffic to your pages in approximately 3-5 days (often faster) and your campaign will run for 30 days after it starts.
  • Traffic is EVERYTHING when it comes to growing and scaling your business, so buy as much traffic as you can, as often as you’re able.


inal Offer Resellers Rights To MinuteKit. Sell MinuteKit, Get Buyer Leads & Bigger Sales. Last Chance – Biggest Offer!

  • Get 100% Items For The Funnel: The funnel includes items $27, $67, $197. You’ll get 10% of our paid traffic service offer too, which rewards monthly commissions.
  • Over The Shoulder Guidance: We’ve set this up to be SUPER easy for you, so you’re ready in moments, we should you step by step how to set it up and get things started.
  • Ready To Go Product: Completely developed, set up, and ready to promote. There are no technical bits, copy to write, parts to design or do other than click and grab your links.
  • BONUS 1: Done for you resellers funnel kit. Activated in your account and ready for use, this funnel promotes for you, giving you a great lead magnet, building lists and getting sales
  • BONUS 2: Easy to use reseller promotional kit, including banners, swipes and more to help get more people to your page. Share and let the automated system take over.


Thank you so much for reading my Minute Kit Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This offer is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.




























Bonus #1: TweetLead (EXCLUSIVE)

Using this proven software you can create one-click signup buttons inside *any* Tweet!

It’s basically what ConnectLeads does, but for Twitter. We were planning to launch this separately.. but decided to give it away for FREE as a bonus to ConnectLeads.

(Could easily be sold separately for $197)

























1 : Get MinuteKit here to download it now
2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: [email protected]
3: You will receive all Your bonus within 24 hours

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