GMB Snap Review

GMB Snap Review – Get EXCLUSIVE $32,000 BONUS PACKS! GMB Snap Bonus

Advances in technology are changing almost every aspect of our lives… and artificial Intelligence is going to end up being a complete game-changer… That said, a lot of people are scared about how A.I. is going to impact the way we work and make money…

But I’m here to tell you… There’s nothing to be afraid of right now. That’s because… A.I. is making it easier than ever to create some serious income without any hard work required.

I just got my hands on a new app that uses the power of A.I. to ethically extract $1,500+ from businesses that desperately need your help…

  • You don’t need any prior experience
  • You don’t need any special selling skills
  • You don’t need to invest any money in traffic or do anything complicated
  • You can get results RIGHT AWAY… this week… even as soon as today!

The primary way local businesses are being found & hired is through their local profile pages like GoogleMyBusiness due to the current crisis. If their profiles don’t have tons of stellar reviews, they won’t get ranked, let alone clicked on.

The problem is, there are almost no reputation management apps that automate tedious, yet essential tasks needed for 2021, and reputation management solutions are very costly.

Now you can help them with this & make serious money with groundbreaking app called GMB Snap that manages & enhances local businesses reputation on autopilot. Get tons of reviews & rank clients’ GMB profiles into the ‘Google-3-Pack’ handsfree!

My friends Tom Yevsikov with his team have got something special to kick off the new year with. On Jan 30th they’re launching GMB Snap, the first cloud-based app that manages and enhances local businesses’ reputation online with advanced, proprietary technology.

That’s right, they’re behind the first big app that helps run a reputation management and enhancement agency business on autopilot for you.

GMB Snap is a marketing automation software that helps marketers across the world to Find and Identify “Un-claimed” or “Un-Optimized” Google My Business Local Leads, fix their issues and rank them higher on Google Maps.

Our Brand-New software will spot a listing in need of optimisation in a snap literally. Once you do this, you can optimise your clients’ profiles professionally and get paid handsomely for doing so.

It will optimise every important part of your Google My Business listing. The software does all the hard work for you. It finds the leads, points out the problems and allows you to reach out to them, fix their issues and boost their sales and profits.

With GMB Snap, now you can run a local reputation agency by claiming local profiles via the app, growing them with review automation technology, driving more warmed-up leads in creative new ways, and far more to help brick & mortar businesses in this time of crisis.

Using GMB Snap, You Can Find Local Businesses from Any Country Around The World.

GMB Snap is the first cloud-based app that manages and enhances local businesses’ reputation online with advanced, proprietary technology. Finally, you can run a full reputation management and enhancement agency on autopilot.

GMB Snap grows your clients’ local profile listings ratings and rank on autopilot GoogleMyBusiness, lands clients that need reputation management services, and generates far more warmed-up leads in breakthrough ways no other app can do.

It is also a unique successful two-step, automated software system that helps you get a constant influx of fresh, highly targeted clients and turn them into regular paying customers.

This is a top-secret software system that is going to have you generating fresh new, highly targeted prospects every day on autopilot… AND – most importantly, give you the tools and training to quickly convert these prospects into PAYING customers.

For this very special offer, you get the opportunity to add this amazingly successful, client-getting, profit generating system so your online arsenal can actually be utilized to make you money.

This brand new software app leverages A.I. to get you paid in just 3 simple steps…

  • Step #1 – A.I Recognizes The Issue With The Business
  • Step #2 – A.I Helps You Find & Contact The Client LIGHTNING FAST
  • Step #3 – A.I Fixes The Issue & You Just Collect The Payment

…and this is just ONE of the many ways to profit with this app. So Don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this GMB Snap Review as I’ll show you how powerful is it.



  • Find and Identify unoptimized and unclaimed GMB pages
  • Reveal all GMB optimization issues in 1 click
  • Optimize Google Maps listings for local leads and businesses.
  • Help clients rank their GMB Locally in the 3 pack of Google maps
  • Ready-made DFY business to sell GMB optimization Services

Let’s Have a Closer Look Inside the GMB Snap System You Are Going To Get… And Check Out How It’s Going To Improve Your Business For The Better Forever. Your 2 Daily Steps To Success with GMB Snap.

  • 100% Automated and easy to use Software
  • Ranks your business and website
  • Targets specific location
  • Creates high authority citations
  • Creates high authority backlinks
  • Creates maps with videos and images
  • Ranks unlimited keywords
  • Supports Spintax in all fields
  • Has article spinner software build-in
  • Finds and populates your business data automatically
  • Suggests nearby locations to target rankings
  • Create maps in multithreaded mode
  • Builds interlinked maps grid
  • Pings your maps links to get indexed

All You Need To Do Is To Follow The Steps in The Software And That’s It, And Let The Artificial Intelligence Rank You And Your Clients High!


  • Grow and Manage Local Profiles on Autopilot – auto-capture reviews from customers & publish them to clients GoogleMyBusiness local profiles to rank them & get more leads
  • Create 4 Types of Local Review Widgets – create & fully customize modal, header, slide-in, or pop-up widgets that capture reviews and build your clients’ local profiles to rank higher
  • “Review Me” Print-Ready Cards with ‘QR Codes’ – generate special cards or flyers to customers to w/ customized QR codes that direct to the business’s GMB profiles.
  • Drag-n-Drop Reputation Creation Card Tech. – drag-n-drop editor w/ tons of images makes customized business cards, posters, or flyers to capture mobile local profile reviews.
  • Google My Business Local “Offers” Creator – Create product offers that appear DIRECTLY ON each local client’s GoogleMyBusiness page.
  • Reputation LeadFinder – Quick find & land targeted clients in any area in need of reputation management and enhancement
  • Claim & Optimize GMB Listings – Actually claim & manage client’s GoogleMyBusiness profiles through the app & optimize them to help them rank higher in search.
  • Reply & Manage Local Reviews – Quickly reply to all reviews left on local profiles (proven to increase rank) and help delete negative reviews.
  • Plus far more – Commercial Rights, 24-7 support, fully cloud-based, advanced CRM, etc.

Local businesses are DESPERATELY seeking reputation management & enhancement during this ongoing crisis. If they don’t have an amazing online reputation, including lots of good reviews on their GoogleMyBusiness profiles, they won’t stay open.

Now you can run a ‘local reputation agency’ with a ‘smart app’ called GMB Snap that…

  • auto-captures & publish reviews to your clients’ local profiles to rank them
  • finds & lands clients that need reputation management services
  • claims & manages their GoogleMyBusiness listing
  • drives ‘warmed up’ local leads in brand new ways & more…

This is not just a two-step software program… this is a three-step software and training program. They are also going to include your ‘quick start’ guide. This gives you everything you need to get started generating leads at the click of a button and turning them into customers super-quick.

The question now is that How Many New Prospects Can I Generate Per Day?

As many as are available in your specified niche, in your specified locality that day. Every day you can run one fresh new report, generating prospects in different niches, different localities and always adding to your bursting list of highly targeted prospects.

One report per day is perfect for you to work on and follow up your prospects using your Hero Analysis Reports. (Any more than that will be super overwhelming –plus it’s super heavy on our servers!) The number of prospects per report varies on location and niche – some may be 20 or 30 while others may hit 300 or 400.


Businesses are struggling to survive more than ever now. What if you could help them by claiming, growing, and ranking their local profile pages( including GoogleMyBusiness) to deliver 10x more leads? Including getting tons of reviews to rank them in the top 3 GoogleMap results?

Well, a groundbreaking app called GMB Snap just went live that does all this, on autopilot, helping you run a full reputation management and enhancement agency hands-free.

During the current unfortunate circumstances because of Covid-19, half of the world is in lock down & this is where it will serve you the most.

It will help you make more money than ever before by letting you sell the most valuable and in-demand service – GMB optimization! You will be able to sell your services easily.

It is a powerful technology powered by Artificial Intelligence. You don’t need anything else other than it to scale your business & revenue.

It is exactly what you need right now. You would have realized the importance of being able to earn income from home & it will help you achieve exactly that. It is the exact product that you need right now.

The biggest benefit is that you can generate a hero analysis report in just one click – but for your clients (and your profits!) it is going to make a world of difference.

Sales videos make it seem easy to start an online business, but they don’t tell you that selling the same services as everyone else doesn’t work. I tested out GMB Snap and was amazed at how easy it was to finally break through and get my first agency business client.

GMB Snap looks to be an insane game changer as there’s no affordable reputation management tools and none that focus on local profiles like this does. It’s way easier to land clients when you actually have a unique product they really need and understand.

It’s here for the taking since businesses always want to move up in Search Engines… but don’t know how to make that happen. You’ll collect from $750 to $1,000 a month getting and maintaining improved ranking for local businesses. Businesses want what you have!

And now you’ve got an edge by leveraging Reputation to get better rankings for your clients. Think about it, you will have the knowledge, strategy and special software to give almost any business a BOOST in the search rankings. That’s a BIG deal!

The REAL VALUE Here is through the roof! GMB Snap opens up a whole new profit stream for local consultants like you. You can use this new strategy to profit from all kinds of local businesses in your market and internationally.

AND you can profit with online platforms like fiverr, and UPwork and other service sites! There’s no limit to revenue that will flow from this new ranking approach.

  • Build Trust And Confidence With Clients
  • Make You Look Like The Total Pro That You Are
  • Explain Everything In A Way Your Prospect Can Easily Understand
  • Are Factual, Detailed and Reliable
  • Provide Proof And Justification For The Services You Need To Sell
  • Make You Stand Out From Scammy Emails Offering Fake Web Services!
  • Tip Your Clients Over The Edge To Invest In Your Services With Confidence
  • You’re Turned From A Salesperson Into A Trusted Advisor.
  • You Become A Proven Consultant That Knows Exactly What Needs To Be Fixed.

If you haven’t grabbed GMB Snap yet, please take a minute or two to read this entire GMB Snap Review.

I know you see a lot of apps and methods out there, and I’m sure you’ve tried a few that just didn’t get your results like you hoped… But GMB Snap is different from everything you’ve seen before, and in this email I’m going to give you 5 BIG reasons why you need to pick it up right now…


Reason #1: It’s Actually Easy To Use

Don’t you hate getting something and then when it’s time to use it, you quickly realize there’s going to be a big learning curve and it’s going to take several hours (or days or weeks) to figure it all out?

The good news is…

  • GMB Snap is actually easy to use
  • The dashboard is clean and intuitive
  • It’s so simple, you’ll be able to jump right into the action and start making money today

Reason #2: You Can Make $500 to $1,500 THIS Week

  • GMB Snap makes it easy to find businesses that need your help and will gladly pay for it
  • This service sells itself so it’s perfect for newbies
  • Inside the training, you’ll discover how to land clients with no hard selling

Reason #3: No Prior Experience Or Sales Skills Needed

  • This is something that is highly in-demand and businesses really need it… and want it
  • You don’t need any technical skills or Google My Business experience
  • This is a complete ‘business in a box’ and you get everything you need to get results right away

Reason #4: Just 3 Steps To Land A Paying Client

  • Step #1 – A.I Recognizes The Issue With The Business
  • Step #2 – A.I Helps You Find & Contact The Client LIGHTNING FAST
  • Step #3 – A.I Fixes The Issue & You Just Collect The Payment

Reason #5: You Have No Risk With The Included 180 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Grab it today and give it try, make some money, and then decide if this is for you
  • If you change your mind, just ask the product vendors for a refund (They’re good guys and will promptly send out a refund if you don’t love this)
  • You have a full HALF YEAR to decide on this, so may as well get it NOW at the discounted price since there’s no risk

Personally I would say that this product is worth a go because of its unique features. Do you want to make big bucks without doing much work ? That sounds a bit unreal, right ?

The fact that, GMB Snap can help you achieve that thing. Using this product and then you can get access to one of the most hottest and potential niche that you have ever seen in IM, it is closing deal without cold call or face-to-face persuasion required.

Creating your very first personalised templates that help to attract clients and make you find it easy in closing deal and of course, make massive money.

Instead of desperate selling, you are providing real value…

  • Showing your customers that you know exactly what service they need to improve their own profits from their website – and you have the proof to back it up.
  • You want every one of your potential clients to get an A Grade site mark – and with that, your clients know that you are focusing on them and their needs – NOT simply on sales.
  • This is also a great way to get clients for life. As customers that trust you and know you are in it for the right reasons come back, time and time again.

And the best part? GMB Snap is seriously powerful and is going to turn you into a customer-getting hero in just 2 easy steps

  • Step 1: get a constantly refreshing list of new prospective clients in the exact areas and niches you want (with just a few clicks)
  • Step 2: position yourself as the absolute pro that you are and show them exactly what they need to see to hand over their cash… (with almost zero effort!)

If you want to find leads and close the sale as soon as possible without having cold calls or stuff with customers, here is what you need to get – GMB Snap. I firmly believe that it fits your demands and will benefit you a lot. So that don’t hesitate any more, take your time and get it soon.

To sum up, GMB Snap is a highly-necessary tool in the process of closing leads and help business owners satisfy their needs.

Therefore, getting GMB Snap is the best way for you to gain constant revenue. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the procedure of closing leads because this tool make it as easy as a piece of cake.

Having high Google rankings for your business profile is one of the major concerns for online businesses. Finding a reliable and efficient GMB optimization tool in the market is a cumbersome task.

On top of that, even after paying lofty monthly fees to these companies, you don’t get the desired result. GMB Snap lets you dominate the virtual world by providing you a shortcut to find potential clients and generate breakthrough income selling these high-in-demand services to them.

Within minutes of the purchase, you will have something that others are yearning to get their hands on… Don’t lose this opportunity to grab GMB Snap at the lowest one-time cost to assert your authority…while the others are left wondering!

Without no hesitation, i highly recommend this one as an outstanding specific method which is beyond great. Even though the price is affordable but it will rise up soon so make sure to take actin and buy it right now.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this GMB Snap Review):

GMB Snap Bonus


Finding Unclaimed Businesses is Like Searching For A Needle In A Haystack, But GMB Snap Does It For You in 3 simple steps…


Enter any keyword & location of your choice. Our software will instantly let you identify businesses who desperately need the service along with the missing data in their listings that need optimization.


Our software does a “GMB analysis” and instantly shows you the weaknesses of a business listing with a tick mark.

GMB Snap Analyses:

  • Business Hours
  • See If The Business Is Claimed
  • Reviews
  • Picture Quality
  • Business Feedback
  • Name, Address & Phone Number
  • Social Media links
  • Photos
  • Schema

Once you get the data about optimization, you can get their contact details and quickly connect with them to provide this service to rank them higher.


The Artificial Intelligence in the software uses its high-end features and fixes your client’s business listing profile and boost its rankings. All you have got to do is collect the payment while the software does all the hard work for you.


For a limited time, you can grab GMB Snap with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!


  • Coupon: gmb10 – $10 off {Early Bird Active Until 3 PM EST}
  • Coupon: GMBBundle – $50 off On Bundle Deal


Get 100X The Ranking Firepower For Your Clients So You Can Charge More & Over-Deliver To Your Clients. This Instant Upgrade Unlocks ALL Of Our Traffic Features On Your Account, No Setup, Just Get Ranking Superpowers.

With this incredible product, you get,

  • Google site builder that creates 100 % automated Google Sites that Google loves
  • Quality Backlinks to your Maps
  • Quality Backlinks to your websites
  • Quality Backlinks to your videos
  • No limits how many sites you can create or interlink
  • Automatic Setup of Google Analytics to give additional trust
  • Automatic adding sites created to Google Webmasters Tools and submission of your sites to Google Indexer
  • Add any links to your Google Sites to get them indexed fast


Enter The “Inner Circle” Community Where Other Members Build Backlinks For You Or Your Clients That Make Sure The Rankings STAY FOR YEARS.

A Breakthrough community module that gets you Ranked Faster by way of generating more backlinks from GMB Snap Grid community members! The community members help each other to rank their maps and sites.

GMB Snap grid makes it super easy for you to build high quality backlinks and get indexed to get insane amount of traffic and revenue.

  • A Powerful Community Module Where All Users Help Each Other Rank Higher.
  • Generate Immediate High-Quality Backlinks From Other User’s Indexing.
  • No SEO Skills Or Knowledge Required For Ranking Your Maps And Websites Higher
  • Automatically You Rank Higher When Other User’s Google Maps Or Sites Gets Indexed
  • Proprietary Technology That Improves Speed And Boost The Probability Of Indexing
  • Create Jaw dropping income by providing valuable service to clients

You set it up once, and it will run by itself. From then on, you magically index and rank your and client’s websites high on Google without lifting a finger.


Unlock Video Ranking Features Right Inside Your Agency Dashboard & Automatically Offer Them As Upsells For At LEAST Twice The Money.

A Revolutionary, Ground-breaking Fully Automated YouTube Ranking Weapon That Enables Marketers To Rank their videos higher and Drive Unlimited Traffic To Their YouTube Videos & Boost Leads, Sales & Buyers In Few MINUTES With No Tech Hassles EVER.

With this incredible product, you get,

  • Brand New YouTube Ranking Method That Works In Any Niche Locally And Globally
  • 100 % Automated YouTube Channel And Video Submission Technology
  • Built-In Image Editor That Creates Stunning Images That Grab More Eyeballs
  • 10+ Unique SEO Signals Are Sent To YouTube To Help Your Videos Rank On The Top
  • Training Videos To Learn to Automate everything


  • 500 Campaigns Per Month
  • Quickly Find Profitable Keywords With Little To No Competition
  • Analyse 1000s Of Keywords And Find Multiple Keywords At Once
  • Get High-quality Traffic
  • Commercial License


  • Create Fully Unique, Natural & SEO Optimized Content For Your Secret Keywords In 1 Click
  • Save Hours & Hours Of Work, Research Time On Creating High-Quality Content
  • Create UNIQUE Content That Google Loves.
  • Get Ranked Even Higher, Give Google What They Love



Thank you so much for reading my GMB Snap Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

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