Extreme Adz Review

Extreme Adz Review – Find DELUXE BONUS PACKAGES INSIDE! Extreme Adz Bonus

Extreme Adz is a breakthrough NEW software that lets you create these amazing ‘eye popping’ 3D style ads. Literally ‘Point & Click’ simple – no tech skills needed… These 3D style Meta Ads generate 414% better engagement than “regular style ‘Ads and are simply incredible!

It’s an A-Z system for driving traffic on demand from LEADING social media platforms. What makes this different from the THOUSANDS of other traffic methods on the market? A few things:

  • Xtreme Adz is a 3D ‘Point & Click” Ad Maker
  • Works with both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Get 414% Better Click through rates and cheap traffic.
  • Stand out from the competition like never before.
  • It’s been developed from the ground-up from TWO 7 figure digital marketers that use these exact methods every day in their own businesses
  • The system RECOGNIZES that social media is now ‘pay to play’ – organic reach really is dead – so this shows how to turn ultra-low cost video ads into reliable
    traffic for leads & sales
  • NO NEED for software upgrades – get results using either free tools or software you already own … and they’ll show you how
  • REAL-USER PROOF – the creators released a beta version of this to private customers months ago, and their results are off the charts

Don’t hesitate to check out the next part of this Extreme Adz Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!


Our customers #1 problem is FEAR of generating Traffic and Leads for their business… The authors are going to show them exactly how to get both and convert that into sales.

Extreme Adz solves this by educating/teaching anyone – regardless of experience – to start immediately creating simple Extreme Adz on the top social platforms that produce this in demand Traffic and Leads instantly.


  • Preview 3D Animations Instantly by hovering over the template
  • Choose from 100,000’s music background sound tracks by entering any “keyword”
  • “Drag n Drop: image editor. Easily resize & Crop in a few clicks
  • Social proof – Simulate likes, add your profile pic
  • Add emojis to your ad for even more engagement
  • Add hashtags to your ad
  • Turn on/off 3D sound animation with 1 click
  • Clone existing videos with 1 click – easily create your own templates
  • Videos export within minutes!
  • Create UNLIMITED
  • 100’s Of Backgrounds to choose from
  • Seasonal Campaigns  – New type of Ad for every season!
  • Add Emojis –  Proven to Engage users more than regular text
  • Full text Editor – Edit text , adjust font, size , add bold  – full control
  • Add Blue Hashtags to your ad – keep them realistic
  • 100 of 3D “pop out” animations to bring your ads alive
  • Add/ Remove animation sounds effects with 1 click
  • 100,000’s stock images + backgrounds to choose from
  • Instant previews  – Hover over your ad to see the animation in real time
  • Clone Ads In 1 Click – Create something you like? Save for future use
  • Add Headers to your videos  – Use powerful head lines to get instant attention
  • Create UNLIMITED Videos with Extreme Ads


Choose from 100’s of existing templates or upload your own

  • Choose from over 50 Extreme Ads Custom Made backgrounds in 1 click
  • Access 100,000’s background – Enter any keyword and get what you need
  • Upload your own background image – you have full flexiblity

Add 3D engaging animation in 1 simple click

  • Huge Variety – Choose from over 50 Amazing Animations – Pick the perfect one for your video
  • Instant Speed – Just Hover over to preview the 3D Animation get the “look and feel” YOU want
  • Easy 1 click edit and clone ability
  • Create UNLIMITED videos with Extreme Adz Pro

Choose background music from 100,000’s of Royalty Free soundtracks

  • Create the perfect music to accompany your video
  • Do you want light hearted up beat sound track? Perfect for vacation /leisure style ads
  • Or maybe you want powerful, aggressive music ie perfect for a fitness challenge
  • The choice is yours and simply enter any “keywords” and within seconds Extreme Adz will give you 100’s of sound tracks to choose from

Create Super Realistic Ads By Adjusting Profile Pic and Social Likes

  • Create Instant Social Proof by adjusting your engagement numbers to what you want
  • Change user name to anyone you want
  • Upload Your Exact Profile Pic to your social profile – Keeping congruent increases conversions
  • 1-2-3 point and click simple to edit

Full Drag n Drop Text Editor, Emoji & Hashtags

  • Instantly adjust font – we even offer the exact same ones used by FB And Insta
  • Add Emojis to bring your ad to life!
  • Increase and adjust size, underline , bold etc. You have full control
  • Add #hashtags to create full look alike ads

Clone and Edit Videos with 1 Click!

  • Clone any videos in 1 click. Huge time saver
  • Save this as a template and/or use it to create simple variations of ads
  • Split test headlines, colors, images etc with section


Facebook Video Adz

They will be focused on teaching the HOTTEST most effective ways for you to generate leads and sales using Facebook video view ads, building out custom audiences, retargeting, and dominating your niche using these proven ads we use and train in consistently with great success.

  • Facebook Ads Unleashed: Simple AND advanced methods for maximizing traffic from these 2 powerhouse platforms
  • Winning Ads Made Easy: Uncover the keys to crafting traffic-driving ads in under 10 minutes
  • Position For Profit: EXACTLY where to place your ads for the best results
  • Your Ideal Audience: How to tap into prospects HUNGRY for your offers
  • Ad Copy Made Simple: Drive floods of traffic with the power of persuasion
  • Laser Targeting: How to create custom audiences for ANY offer
  • Traffic Multiplier: Explode your reach with retargeting & look-a-like audiences

Unlocking the power of instagram traffic

Understanding where your message belongs is one of the KEY ingredients when running ads. Instagram is a POWERHOUSE when it comes to building brands especially if you are tapping into the buying power of the younger generation and females.

We have you covered here and you will absolutely LOVE this training and action steps.

Youtube for game-changing profits

Still the BIG DOG on campus and still the most underutilized ad platform for all our customers. They are going to BLOW your minds and show you exactly how to get started and to scale on this bad boy!

  • YouTube Ads IN DEPTH: Leverage the world’s 2nd largest search engine for massive traffic
  • Unleashing Google Traffic: The RIGHT way to setup your Google account
  • Passive Profits: Leveraging Google Ad Words for hands-free income
  • YT Ads Best Practices: Maximize profits & rankings with SPECIFIC tips for channel selection & ad structure
  • Targeted Profits: How to select ideal audiences for maximum exposure
  • Scale For The Win: Uncover the key stats you need to scale campaigns for higher profits

Linkedin for authority leads & premium traffic

This is 100% the LARGEST Networking Event that is happening daily all around the world and guess what? VIDEO is the #1 MOST POWERFUL way for you to build your credibility and sales on LinkedIn. You will be eager and excited to implement the step by step training we will be sharing in SocialVideoAdz.

  • The RIGHT Way To Run LinkedIn Video Ads: Get BUYER leads & legit business prospects from the world’s most professional social platform
  • Profile Perfection: How to setup your account to generate maximum traffic
  • LinkedIn Ad Mastery: SPECIFIC methods for getting best results from your LinkedIn video ads
  • When To Niche It Down: How to select broad or local audiences to skyrocket specific campaign results
  • Brand Builder: Using LinkedIn to grow your authority and long-term traffic

Your own $30k per month video ad agency

Because EVERY marketer and business owner needs traffic … You’re going to be set up with ALL the tools to bank up to $30K in recurring monthly profits with your own traffic agency. Extreme Adz gives you all the skills to drive traffic on demand …

Here’s where you can turn those skills into 5 figures per month WITHOUT risk! Inside we throw back the curtains on our own highly successful video consulting businesses, and show you EXACTLY how to:

  • Find Targeted Prospects Ready To Pay NOW: Exactly where to find both local & online companies happy to pay you for traffic services
  • Get Paid MONTHLY For Just Minutes Of Your Time: How to run ‘set & forget’ campaigns that get your clients results, and get you paid
  • Maximize RECURRING Profits Per Customer: Turn 1-time clients into REPEAT customers that pay you huge retainers every month


Social Media really does SUCK these days and just like so many others I have thought about quitting UNTIL I realized it is a pay to play world now. That great thing about pay to play on social media is that if you know exactly what to do you can dominate the generation of leads and sales any time you want.

Now here is the real secret! Social Video Ads is where the Big Dogs play because it costs less and you get more of a return. Want to learn how to place a video ad on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Linkedin?

The ONE thing all marketers business owners agree on? You can never have ENOUGH traffic. That’s why there are bazillions of traffic courses & softwares on the market … With another bazillion coming out every week. Some work. Others, not so much.

There’s a lot of NONSENSE being pushed about how to get online traffic. You’ve probably heard things like:

  • “get traffic in 47 seconds”
  • “this FREE source beats paid traffic every time”
  • “social media traffic for marketers is dead”

Now for a reality check:

  • NO ONE gets traffic in 47 seconds … but you CAN get same-day traffic anytime you want
  • NO free method beats targeted ads for speed & performance … but you CAN make great ROI for as little as $3 per day
  • Social media is the #1 traffic source for digital marketers … IF you know how to use it

THIS system is PROVEN to drive you all the traffic you’ll ever need! Extreme Adz is brought to you by TWO leading digital marketers … Each making over 7 figures per year using the EXACT methods they share inside.

Facebook, Instagram & YouTube DOMINATE social media. LinkedIn is an authority platform completely untapped by digital marketers. And VIDEO drives OVER 80% of all online traffic.

Combine this powerful mix, and drive as much traffic as you’ll EVER need to maximize your leads, sales and profits. IF you know what you’re doing.

Why waste HOURS per day or wait MONTHS for results with so-called ‘free’ traffic methods … When instead you can turn $1 into $5 or more ALL DAY long with ultra
low-cost ads that take just minutes to set up?

Time is money. If you want to make MORE in LESS time … THIS is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Proof of results is ALL over the page. It breaks down EXACTLY how to use simple videos for floods of traffic from FB, Instagram, YouTube AND LinkedIn. Videos you can make with free tools or softwares you ALREADY own – so there’s no extra investment needed.

What’s even BETTER is the PROOF from real users of the system. The creators released a beta version to their private customers and student results were off the charts.

Use this step-by-step method to drive traffic on demand to ANY of your own offers … Use it to drive traffic for clients and charge top dollar, RECURRING fees. Or use it for BOTH to create multiple income streams.

Register for the Extreme Adz training by my awesome friends Andrew Fox and his partner Paul Lynch happening this Tuesday at 10:00am EST. You will learn:

  • How to start with as little as $2
  • What videos work best
  • The keys to crafting a WINNING video ad
  • How to explode your reach with retargeting with another video ad
  • Use Linkedin Video Ads to grow your authority
  • Heck, you will even learn to grow an agency that can do $10,000 a month or more

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of Extreme Adz Review):

Extreme Adz Bonus


Even Mark Zuckerberg (worth $67 Billion) changed the name of Facebook to the Meta Verse. These 3D Style “Meta Ads” are the future of advertising and a real game changer .

With an opening 75% Discount + UNLIMITED videos option ( most competitors charge $199/month) this is something you need to check out right away.

It’s incredibly simple. Very ‘point & click’ user friendly. Simply select a template, animation, background music and hit build. 3-5 minutes later you video is ready to download

It’s literally as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Choose your background (100’s templates or upload your own)
  2. Select your 3D Animation, add text and sound and click “Build my video” and minutes later.. done!
  3. Publish your video instantly to FB, Instagram and TikTok

It works perfectly with all platforms. We have specific templates for FB and Instagram and for Tik Tok you can easily download the video ad upload to their platform.


For a limited time, you can grab Extreme Adz with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

  • Front-end: Extreme Adz ($27)
  • OTO 1: Done For You Agency Ultimate Toolkit ($197)
  • OTO 2: Extreme Adz Accent Pack ($47)
  • OTO 3: Avatar Of The Month (30 day trial then $49 per month)


Thank you so much for reading my Extreme Adz Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


Bonus #1: TweetLead (EXCLUSIVE)

Using this proven software you can create one-click signup buttons inside *any* Tweet!


It’s basically what ConnectLeads does, but for Twitter. We were planning to launch this separately.. but decided to give it away for FREE as a bonus to ConnectLeads.

(Could easily be sold separately for $197)


1 : Get Extreme Adz here to download it now
2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: [email protected]
3: You will receive all Your bonus within 24 hours

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