Audify Review

Audify Review – Get EXCLUSIVE $29K BONUS PACKS NOW! Audify Bonus

Let me tell you about the secret ingredient… that separates good or great videos that convert… from the average ones that mainly go unnoticed. Videos that don’t “feel” great don’t convert.

You may use the best graphics… You may have awesome content… But unless the audience can connect to your video at an emotional level – they WON’T click on your Call-To-Action button.

And that’s the tricky part. As someone creating a video – I’m sure you’d agree – making your video look good is easy with all the images and pretty looking CTAs you can easily insert… but getting the feel of the video right is something that everyone struggles with.

It is the ‘X’ factor. Well – we have created a tool that allows you to create and add this ‘X’ factor effortlessly to every video you create for your business or for your clients. Meet Audify.

It is the world’s very first software for INSTANT music track creation. It’s NOT an audio library of curated royalty free tracks, and you DON’T have to pay-per-track (HUGE!)

In other words, Audify is the world’s first software that instantly generate 100% personalized & incredible-sounding audio tracks that perfectly-match your videos!

Audify is The World’s First AI-Based Music Composer & Mixer Platform That Composes Unlimited Premium Music Tracks In JUST 30 Seconds.

How cool is that? Now you won’t have to pay for expensive stock music from AudioJungle, Bensound, Shutterstock, iStock, VideoBlocks, or any other site.

So let me ask you… Are you tired of using the same overused background music for your project? Thanks to the brand new AI-powered software Audify you’ll get to use the never-before-heard music tracks.

This is a professional music composing cloud-based platform that comes with a Commercial License. For Evergreen Income WITHOUT Any Special Skills, Experience, Or Learning Curve.

Audify creates premium-sounding audio tracks for videos instantly based on personalization options like genre, activity and mood. It’s not an audio library of curated royalty free tracks. Each track is unique, and can be dialled in to perfectly-match your videos.

Simply generate an audio by selecting your genre from our huge library, find the perfect activity to match your video’s energy and tone and then find a mood to really dial it in. Then, set the length of your audio track.

Audify instantly creates a 100% unique and copyright-free, premium-sounding audio track based on your preferences, on every click. Play it and save the one that perfectly-matches your video.

When you have found the perfect track, simply click ‘Add to Video’. Here you can sync it to ANY YouTube video (or uploaded video) to make it a high-converting, more powerful video.

You will never have to pay for another background audio track again, or worry about licensing or copyright issues… Once synced to a video, it has unlimited licensing & distribution rights.

Audify has been built from the ground-up to make you literally unlimited profits from the INFINITE amount of buyers online. Instead of chasing sales, this method lets the buyers FIND YOU … and because it works in literally ANY niche, the profit potential really is infinite.

You can make life-changing income – 3+ figures per day – DIRECTLY into your accounts without risking a dime up front. Then grow to 5 figure MONTHLY profits in as little as 10 minutes per day.

The INCLUDED custom software sets you up with a pro-level product where buyers find YOU. Packed full of products people are ALREADY looking for. So don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Audify Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!


  • World’s very first software for INSTANT music track creation for video marketers.
  • In just 3 clicks, this breakthrough software produces premium-sounding audio tracks that sound as if they were created by highly-talented and top-rated composers (never pay for another audio track again!)
  • Compose & Use Background Music In Videos, Unlimited One-Click Downloads
  • Get Freshly Created Mesmerizing Music in Every Theme, Genre, Mood, Or Category.
  • Never Pay for Background Music Again
  • Make Video 100 Times More Appealing With Unique Music Tracks
  • No Copyright Issues EVER AGAIN
  • Millions Of HQ Music Tracks
  • Sell Unlimited Music Tracks & Earn Like The Big Boys
  • No Special Skills or Experience Required
  • Inbuilt Advanced Image & Video Editor
  • Personalize and ‘dial in’ your 100% unique audio track to PERFECTLY-MATCH your video with our customization settings such as genres, activities and moods!
  • As simple as selecting a genre, activity and mood and clicking ‘Play’.
  • You decide how long the track should last (30 seconds, 1 minute or even 3 minutes)!
  • Every time you click Play, a new 100% unique, premium & copyright-free track will be instantly available for preview.
  • Sync your Audify music track to ANY video with 1-click for more powerful videos right INSIDE Audify.
  • Simply click ‘Add to Video’ next to any of your Audify audio tracks, paste in ANY YouTube URL (or upload your own video) and merge them together!
  • Set a start time, loop your audio, adjust volume for both Audify audio AND your video audio (you have FULL control).
  • Every track comes with unlimited rights when combined with a video inside Audify, which means it’s 100% unique to you and can be used ANYWHERE such as social media, TV, your website and more.
  • Access your Audify via any web browser. It’s hosted on the cloud – no software installation or downloads required!
  • PLUS it comes with FULL commercial rights included.


  • Instantly create the PERFECT audio track for every video (save time & money)!
  • Create ANY type of music track (massive customization library includes categories of genres, activities and moods to ‘dial in’ your track).
  • Customize your music track the way YOU want it to perfectly-match your video.
  • No technical skills required. As simple as selecting a genre, activity and mood and clicking ‘Play’.
  • Save time & money by syncing tracks with videos DIRECTLY inside Audify built-in video editor (throw our your expensive video editor!)
  • Never pay for another expensive audio track again! Save money with fully licensed, unique, premium audio tracks for all videos in just a few clicks.
  • Never deal with complicated, restrictive licensing ever again. Most licenses can only be used for “personal use”. This creates confusion about what can/cannot be used which leads to fear about being sued or getting a copyright strike. You now have peace of mind about never worrying about video takedowns or legal issues.
  • Use for ALL Your Videos. Audify creates audio tracks INSTANTLY for sales videos, video ads, walkthrough videos, demo videos, tutorial videos.. you name it. Not only that, they’re perfect for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more!
  • No copyright issues EVER AGAIN. Every video you merge with Audify premium audio comes with unlimited usage & distribution rights (no more copyright strikes, limitations, and bans).
  • Generate revenue with Audify Commercial! Create & sell premium audio tracks merged with videos to clients, customers and local businesses for 100% profits!
  • Earn 100% margins. No licensing/royalty fees back to us.


Getting the perfect background audio for your videos is expensive.

Of course, you can do WITHOUT investing in a good track – but then your conversion rates drop like a rock – defeating the purpose you created the video in the first place.

First – using “built-in music library” or an app that offers access to “stock audio footage” is a conversion-killer. These are random tracks that don’t match your videos both in feel and in length.

Sure, you can alter the length… but then in most cases your audio just stops in the middle of nowhere when the video ends… and in most cases, although the track sounds good – it hinders your message getting through.

Second – the freelancers who create tracks… they are SUPER expensive. PLUS… you need to chase them around the world to have them deliver the track on time.

Good news – there’s a better and much cheaper way. And that’s where Audify comes into play. It is the ONLY App for instant ORIGINAL music track creation with a Built-In Video Editor.

Audify is named perfectly – Because you can literally create an infinite number of sound tracks that are completely unique from anyone else. Think about all the times you’ve thought to yourself “Oh no, not THAT music again” – that will never happen with this revolutionary app!

I’ve seen plenty of audio packs launched in the past, so the first question I had to ask is – “is this just a really big audio library?”. Thankfully, it’s not. You can actually ‘dial in’ your audio to match the mood of your video by selecting different genres, activities and moods.

Here’s what you can do with it:

  • CREATE high-quality tracks based on user preferences
  • CUSTOMIZE genre, activity & mood as per your needs
  • CONTROL as to how long the track can be used/played (30 seconds, 1 minute or 3 minutes)
  • USE for your own videos (add to video with 1-click)
  • SELL tracks synced with videos for top dollar to your clients using our built-in video editor.

The top video & internet marketers in the world are using background music to drive their marketing message and boost their sales online. Now you have an opportunity to join them, improve your video marketing campaign by 10X with a new AI-based app called Audify.

With Audify, you can create quality, premium music tracks and use them as background music for your sales videos, explainer videos, demo video, training video, welcome/intro videos, podcasts, etc.

I use acoustic music on my videos mostly and I am really grateful that there are people out there creating Royalty-Free music, especially Audify that makes selecting audio tracks for my Videos so easy.

I have 4 years of experience in the video industry and selecting the right music for your videos is a headache but ever since I started using Audify it’s all smooth sailing.  I simply log into the dashboard, find the music according to my video theme and bam it’s done!

Every time I click ‘play’ it generates a unique track. I now have full control over the impact my video will have. I get professional music with a variety of categories, genres, and styles in just one place. It’s really easy to find the perfect music for my projects.

Once you have generated the perfect, premium-sounding audio track for your video simply click “Add to Video” next to it… paste in ANY YouTube URL (or upload your own video) and we’ll merge them together!

This is an irresistible offer, with Audify you’ll be able to:

  • Compose & Use Background Music In Videos, Unlimited One-Click Downloads
  • Get Freshly Created Mesmerizing Music in Every Theme, Genre, Mood, Or Category.
  • Never Pay for Background Music Again
  • Make Video 100 Times More Appealing With Unique Music Tracks
  • No Copyright Issues EVER AGAIN
  • Millions Of HQ Music Tracks
  • Sell Unlimited Music Tracks & Earn Like The Big Boys
  • No Special Skills or Experience Required
  • Inbuilt Advanced Image & Video Editor

It’s THAT easy. With Audify anyone can create premium tracks for their videos that are 100% personalized WITHOUT:

  • Having any background in music
  • Any technical skills
  • Any experience
  • Headaches & hassles …

The end result is an AMAZING, premium-sounding video that you can use for your own use, or SELL to clients!

Charge whatever you like for their new video, and never pay us a cent in licensing or royalty fees. You keep 100% of the profits… and remember, It’s easy as you clicking one button inside Audify.

  • SAVE MONEY by throwing out your expensive video editing software.
  • SAVE TIME by merging your audio with any video inside ONE platform.
  • Earn MORE from EVERY audio track by offering a premium service to clients to merge their audio with their video for them!

Amazing collection of high-quality music tracks that too in a one-time payment is a steal deal. I highly recommend picking up Audify, totally worth the price.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of Audify Review):

MarketJam Bonus


  • Step 1 – Generate Audio

Just point-n-select your music genre, activity and mood to perfectly-match your video. Customize your music track the way YOU want it.

  • Step 2 – Click Play

Select your track duration and click play. Audify instantly creates a 100% unique, copyright-free audio track based on your selections. Every time you click ‘Play’ a new track will be instantly available for preview, and you can save the one you like.

  • Step 3 – Click “Add to Video”

Click “Add to Video” and your premium audio track will be added to our built-in video editor.

  • Step 4 – Insert ANY YouTube URL, or Upload a Video File

Either paste in ANY YouTube URL (yours, or a clients) or upload a video from your computer. We’ll import it into the video editor for you.

  • Step 5 – Perfectly-Match Your Premium Audio to Your Video

With features such as volume control for both video and music audio, start time, looping audio and more.

  • Step 6 – Click Create

Your new high-converting, more powerful video WITH your premium Audify track will be available for download and ready for use (…or SELL to clients)!

Every track comes with unlimited rights when combined with a video inside Audify, which means it’s 100% unique to you and can be used ANYWHERE. We’re talking social media, television, your website or anywhere else. Never worry about copyright issues EVER AGAIN.


For a limited time, you can grab Audify with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!


  • Fully Cloud-Based System
  • Unlimited 1- Click Music Generator
  • Download Unlimited Saved Music Tracks
  • Millions Of Ready to Use Tracks
  • 20+ Music Categories
  • Royalty-Free Music – No Copyrights
  • In-Built Video & Image Editor
  • High-Quality Downloads
  • Audio Mixer Included
  • Commercial License
  • That’s Not All! Audify is Packed With
  • Many More Awesome Features
  • Get Monthly Audify Updates
  • Get 24×7 High Priority Support
  • Get Step-by-step Tutorials
  • Complete Cloud Based Platform
  • Newbie Friendly
  • Comes with a Commercial License

Coupon (first 11 AM EDT 24th September)

  • AUDIO5 (11 AM – 11PM) ($5 Discount)
  • REST TIME/DAYS: AUDIO3 ($3 Discount)


Go Unlimited with Audify Pro & Get ‘Human-Like’ Voice-Over. Generator Software Along With an Advanced Video Editor

  • Pro Upgrade #1: Text to Speech Software

Use AI to create a human-like voice-over from any text in any language. No technical skills required whatsoever.

  • Pro Upgrade #2: Advanced HQ Video Editor

Get a professional-level video editing software that’s completely beginner-friendly. Use Audify’s generated audio tracks in any of your videos.

  • Pro Upgrade #3: Remove Audify Branding

Add your own logo and branding to the Audify Assets and to every music track generated via Audify.


Easily make a 6-figure income with the Audify Reseller License, sell as your own, and keep all the profits.

  • Pro Upgrade #5: Unlimited Searches & Downloads

Download & Search Unlimited assets and sell all assets to your clients as well

  • Pro Upgrade #6: Additional Tracks

Get access to millions more HQ music tracks for your videos. Use them as your own or sell them for a profit.

  • Pro Upgrade #7: 200+ Human Sounding Voices

No more creepy-sounding robotic audios for your videos. Use 200+ real human-sounding voices to make your videos more personalized.

  • Pro Upgrade #8: No Watermarks

Remove all watermarks on premium music tracks and sell them to your clients as your own to make unlimited profits.

  • Pro Upgrade #9: Cloud-Based Software

We host Audify Pro on lightning-fast cloud servers so that you can generate audios, voice-overs, and edit videos in seconds.

  • Pro Upgrade #10: Priority Support

If you face any issues with Audify Pro, contact our support team to get assistance from our trained professional at any time.


We’ve brought you a revolutionary method where you can Build Your Online Business worth 6-7 Figure EASILY BySelling Audify Accounts!

You just have to Sit Back & Get Paid.. Where We Will Do All The Hardwork FOR YOU! Zero Experience Needed | Zero Technical Skills Required | Get 100% Instant Commissions

  • Get Professionally Written, Customized Sales Pages & Other high converting Marketing Material to attract high paying prospects and customers.
  • Start making quadruple PROFIT INSTANTLY!
  • Easy return on investment guaranteed.
  • Get paid directly in your paypal, Stripe Bank account etc.
  • We’ll handle all your support tickets with 24*7 high priority availability by our Experienced Staff.
  • Get 5 Fast Action Hand Picked Bonuses to start with!

OTO 3: Stock Edition ($37)

Get Instant Access To The World’s First Biggest Collection of Stock Images, Videos, Vectors, GIFS, and Audios + Inbuilt Image/Video Editor on a Complete Searchable Platform

  • Fully Cloud-Based Searchable Platform
  • Use Unlimited Images, Vector, Videos, Music tracks Etc.
  • Sell unlimited Assets To Clients & Earn Like Big Boys
  • Complete Designing Suite
  • 2M+ HD Stock Images
  • 1Million+ Ultra HD Stock Videos
  • 20K+ Vectors
  • 8000+ HQ Royalty Free Audios
  • Preview Feature With Multiple Formats
  • Unlimited Downloads With NO FEE
  • Social Sharing Feature
  • Inbuilt Image & Video Editor
  • Commercial License
  • $200 Refund If It Doesn’t Work For You

OTO 4: TRIHOST ($47)

  • Unlimited storage for ALL your files
  • Unlimited Website hosting
  • Unlimited Video Hosting
  • Commercial License Included So You Can offer this as a service to other offline & Online businesses  And Keep 100% Of The Money


  • All in one marketing suite
  • Automated social media sharing
  • Full Analytics
  • Outsourcers License


Get Access to 24/7 Income Stream to Reap Heavy Profit with High-performance DFY 50 Products

  • Get 50 ready to sell Done-for-you Software
  • All Software comes with Reseller License
  • You can use these same software for your own use
  • Get a full-fledge working business model
  • Get dedicated Support team to mange your client’s ticket connection
  • We will handle support for you
  • Get all the sales-material to sell your offer
  • Get commercial license and charge others to use your software
  • Search Engine Optimized Online platform for business
  • Don’t loose traffic with mobile optimized web platform
  • And Much More…


  • Awesome & Music Composer & Genrator Tool
  • World’s First Searchable Stock Media Platform
  • Unique & Must Have Web Hosting, Video Hosting & Cloud Hosting
  • Awesome Automation Tool & 50 DFY Products
  • Comes With Unlimited WhiteLabel License
  • 5 Fast Action Bonuses


Thank you so much for reading my Audify Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.




























Bonus #1: TweetLead (EXCLUSIVE)

Using this proven software you can create one-click signup buttons inside *any* Tweet!

It’s basically what ConnectLeads does, but for Twitter. We were planning to launch this separately.. but decided to give it away for FREE as a bonus to ConnectLeads.

(Could easily be sold separately for $197)

























1 : Get Audify here to download it now
2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: [email protected]
3: You will receive all Your bonus within 24 hours

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